If I pen down my thoughts on how Pole has just changed my reality, then it would run into pages. Nor would I be able to articulate it well, cause I can never express in words how much pole, polecamp and the coaches helped me find my way back to my authentic self. I will keep it short. Pole camp came into my life when I was so broken and scarred, there was no place I could go and be. I was just thriving, existing. There was no place I could call home, in this alien city where I had just moved into. I stuck out like a sore thumb, everywhere I went. And then I came here and found my tribe. It helped heal parts of me that were broken, and offered me a new slate, a new hope, a new beginning. I could rewrite my story here, start off again and when I am up on that pole, learning a new trick or perfecting a move or just spinning, I feel infinite, limitless. Nothing else matters. That here is something I am not bad at. I may not be good, but I am not bad.
Sometimes when you are at your darkest hour, not being bad is all that you can hope for, and Pole made me believe that there was something I could be better at. It gave me hope. And instilled faith, a promise of better days ahead. I felt seen and held. Every time I learn something new, I am getting better than the person I was yesterday. And that is all that that matters. Every day is a learning, every day is a step towards a disciplined self, consistent self. From trying to be consistent and doing the morning routine to trying to be a better, disciplined self, being here has changed
me. And that means a lot. Every class I miss, I mourn, to the point that I was convincing myself to come to the class even if I am injured. Gratitude is all I have to have found this place. And thank you for existing and being you Anusha. You bring so much joy and light to other people’s lives. Most importantly, at pole camp, we are all cheering for each other.


My journey with The Pole Camp

I’ve always had a fairly active lifestyle… I strength train regularly, practiced yoga, done a bit of animal flow, etc. But I wasn’t prepared for the challenges pole posed. When I first started, I wasn’t patient with myself. I pushed through, whether it was injuries or tough moves and kept feeling disappointed when I couldn’t do as well as some of the other students.

After a while, I started to change my perspective. I realized that I couldn’t and didn’t have to be the best in the room.. My issues about my age, body type and injuries were just things that were holding me back. My coaches were always so kind and encouraging, they made sure each one of us left every class feeling good about ourselves. And that was the turning point. I am really trying to ‘trust the process’ now. I have always been impatient to get things right immediately – but now trying and trying and finally succeeding feels so much sweeter.

When I look at Anusha or Sofi, Saga, Prathana or even the students execute seemingly impossible moves so effortlessly and beautifully, I used to feel like they’re naturally talented or super fit. But the truth is every single one of them is extremely hard working. Pole is hard work. It’s all about discipline, dedication, giving up a social life (because we have class on Saturday mornings and Friday evenings) and really requires you to put in the work. But those few exhilarating moments, when you feel like you’re flying on the pole, makes it all worth it.

If you do join the Pole Camp, there might be times, like me, when you question yourself… What if I suck at it? What if I never get better.. But it’s like they say on our pole t-shirts.. ‘Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”


Dear Anusha,

The Pole Camp was above and beyond what I imagined it to be. Now that I’ve experienced it I am grateful to everything that made me sign up for it. I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for the incredible impact you, Sofi, Saga and Ashwin have made in the last 3 months.

From the moment I stepped into your class you have been a constant source of learnings and inspiration. I am still in awe of your explanations, tricks, strength and the community you’ve created. You possess a talent for not only teaching but also nurturing the spirits of your students. For somebody of your stature and skill, I am shocked by your patience to teach us and remind us that progress takes time. Your dedication to our progress extends far beyond the walls of the studio. You continuously seek out new routines, habits, techniques to motivate us and keep our energy alive. I want you to know that your impact reaches far beyond the physical skills we have acquired. You have created a community of support and friendship among your students, fostering an environment where we cheer each other on, celebrate successes together.

Thank you for being more than just a pole teacher; You have helped me discover strength I didn’t know I had. You are a true gift, and I am eternally grateful to have had you and Sofi as my teacher. Im so glad that I got this golden chance. Special thanks for Ashwin for making Saturdays so fun, challenging and to take the time to teach us from scratch.  

Going to miss the camp, 

With love and admiration,



I started pole for two reasons: one, even as an imaginative person I somehow couldn’t visualise myself on a pole. Two, I wanted to get fit with a purpose – as opposed to going to a gym and doing a routine workout, I wanted my fitness journey to be fun. The Pole Camp proved right on the fun bit, but little did I know that I was also signing up for a lifestyle of discipline and consistency. 

Right from day 1, the coaches were redefining our limits. It wasn’t about flying on the pole right away, but preparing for it with strength, flexibility, mobility and technique. And for a complete beginner – in every sense of the word – these early days were daunting. Although I was pushing hard, I was nowhere close to giving up; and that thanks gets divided four ways to Anusha, Saga, Ashwin, and Sofi, each of whom were paying rapt attention to our individual journeys: I’m not talking about them taking an interest in just our fitness backgrounds, but also in what we ate or how much we had slept the night before. You can’t buy that at your local gym. “Take it easy, you’ve come a long way”, “You can do more if you just tune your mindset”, “I’m proud of you” and just that loud affirming “NICE” when they see us finally getting a move right. 

I remember how out of breath I felt when I first learnt the bear crawl. I hadn’t taken four steps, I was sweating buckets and my thighs were on fire. Ashwin came and sat next to me. “It’s difficult” I said. “Its difficult, right? It’s just in your mind. Fix that and see how different things will be”. I knew right then that this camp was going to be about liberating my mind from the fears and limits I had caged it under.

It wasn’t always easy, either. On days when I didn’t feel my best, I would try to sit in a corner unsuspected just to catch my breath. Sofi would walk over and ask if I was okay. “You’re on a strict break for 5 minutes, lay off the pole”. When I tried again after a break, everything would look rosy again. This was one of the endearing things about the camp. 4 coaches watching close to 24 students and still they managed to pay attention to every last one of us. They were personally invested in our journey both in and around pole. ‘Practice what you preach’ is not just a saying to Anusha, because she made a sure point of us following our morning routine by making the training videos herself. This was well beyond the two classes a week that we signed up for. I don’t know how she did it, but in one short month I just went from a person with no routine, to someone who cannot call it a day without doing my pole routine. 

Tomorrow’s my last day of the pole camp, and I’m rippling with excitement to get the pole choreo flawlessly right. Then again, what is flawless perfection? I think I’ll be excited regardless, for tomorrow I’ll be a very different person than I was 90 days ago. I’ll look forward to pole as more than just a check off my bucket list. And hopefully, I’ll discover more of myself in the process. If anyone can pole, I think I can.


Hi Anusha, polecamp has become a life changing decision for me now. My life wouldn’t have been the same rn if not for polecamp. I joined TPC when I was at my lowest. The camp & the community played a major part in my healing journey. ❤️

My fitness journey started here💪🏽  

My discipline with time has improved (Burpees🤭)


When we get a particular move, I’m happy. But when I don’t get a pole trick, I have learnt to take it slow. I don’t feel bad that I don’t get that trick that day when everyone else had got it. That I feel is the most important quality I have got from here. To not rush, to take it slow, to work on what is required to achieve what I want, to be not hard on myself, that I grow at my own pace.

One such instance was the figure of 4. I saw many others do it beautifully during the initial classes while I was afraid to let go. Then I asked Sagarika on how to make my back stretch like others. She said to work on back bends & morning routine. After that day, I dint try figof4 until the next beach session. I had only done the morning routine daily. I was so surprised how my figof4 has improved without even trying that pose on the pole. Moment of enlightenment on the power of daily routine. 

The routine you started posting are super relaxing & energising. I feel connected with myself & my days are more productive.

My flexibility, body posture, mental health, has improved a lot. I used to not like my body for various reasons, but now I love my body for all things I’m able to do. 

Thanks to everyone at TPC, there is no competition or jealousy here. Everyone roots for others more & that’s the best part. We are a happy bunch cheering each other enjoy pole! 🥰 & grateful to you for your constant efforts in making this place a safe haven for us ❤️


So I have been in Polecamp for the past 1 1/2 years, and I think this  has been the best days of my life ever. The Pole Camp is just not a place to learn the art, but it’s also a very warm comforting Zone . Generally, we start the day with lot of flexibility training which has improved my flexibility a lot more than before. I am 44, and I never thought I could even spin once on the pole , but the amount of confidence the Pole Camp has given me has no words to even explain or express . I am very grateful to all the coaches who are completely dedicated and very helpful and make sure that we stay in a safe zone while learning while training and while repeatedly practising, they keep encouraging us and always, and the Pole events like the beach session, the pole jam have been truly entertaining for all of us, and it also helps us to bond better and grow  as a great family. Thank you, Pole Camp, thank you Anusha, and thank you all the coaches for being a best team ever and for helping all of us to gain a lot of confidence, physically and mentally .