I started dancing at 6 and it’s been a part of my life for over 25 years now. After investing years in Kuchipudi, Latin American, Ballroom, and Freestyling, I started working as a dancer and an assistant choreographer in the film industry at 15. I started choreographing movies at 22 and at 28, months after I started my strength training journey, I went on a holiday to Australia, I took a pole class, to say I was hooked is an understatement. Soon after I returned, I got a pole gifted by my partner and spent the quarantine with the pole trying to learn as much as I can from the internet and all the beautiful pole artists abroad, signed myself up for a lot of their classes and workshops. I realized what pole has done for me, it made me more confident, stronger, disciplined, consistent, happy and I knew I had to spread this feeling. So I gave myself about 2000 hours to practice before I started teaching. I started THE POLE CAMP in 2021 to spread the joy and the art that pole is, what I got in return are friends and a very supportive community. This has been a life changing decision for me and I will forever continue to learn and teach pole.

Anusha Swamy, Founder & Head Coach

I am Sofia, I started my career as a corporate employee, post that I made a switch to be a dance fitness instructor, then moved onto strength training, then to being a Pole student, assistant and now an Instructor. An injury made me get into Strength Training and Movement and this July marks 4 years and I’m so glad I found my adrenaline dose through this journey. When I started Pole I didn’t have any expectations, but the moment I tried it, i fell in love with this art form since I was already into dance and strength, and I felt pole to be a combination of both. Pole had me realize the wonderful things my body can do. It has taught me patience, discipline and relentless pursuit of improvement. Our Pole Studio has always been and continues to be my happy place and I can’t believe it’s been 2.5yrs since I started this wonderful journey. More than anything, I am so grateful for this beautiful pole community.

Sofia Premkumar, Senior Instructor

Since I was little, I loved moving around. At just 3.5 years old, I started Bharatnatyam classes. Dance became a big part of my life for 16 years, teaching me how to express myself through movement. As I grew up, I tried many different types of movement. I did animal flow, yoga, Pilates, aerial silks, functional fitness and strength training. Each one taught me something new. But in 2021, when I joined Anusha’s first pole camp, it changed everything. Pole became more than just a physical movement. It became an obsession, a way to express who I am and discover new things about myself. I am constantly striving to get better because the journey never ends! I have gotten so much more comfortable with my body and stronger even physically and mentally! For the last 2.5 years, I’ve thrown myself into it – spinning, climbing, and pouring my heart out. In 2022, I ventured into teaching pole, a challenging yet fulfilling endeavor. Teaching Pole doesn’t feel like work; it ignites a spark within me. I love sharing my passion with beginners and building a strong community with my students. It’s like having a huge girl gang that supports fiercely each other. I am happy to say I have made friends who have now become my family, through the community. With pole dancing guiding me, I’m ready for whatever comes next. Each step I take brings me closer to understanding myself and the joy of movement.

Sagarika Mani, Senior Instructor

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Pole found me in 2021, transforming my life in ways I never imagined. It awakened a dormant passion for movement, unveiling the beauty of strength and flexibility. Since then, I’ve embraced the journey with unwavering dedication, constantly striving to push my limits and evolve. It’s been a journey of relentless pursuit, each spin and climb a testament to the power within, propelling me towards new heights of physical and mental resilience. To me, Pole isn’t just a hobby; it’s a lifelong commitment to self-improvement and self-expression. It’s a journey where each twist and turn unveils new aspects of my being, empowering me to embrace challenges with courage and grace, knowing that the journey itself is the greatest reward.

Prarthana Srinivasaraja, Junior Instructor

Movement has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It all began several years ago when I fell in love with Bharathanatyam, dedicating seven years to its intricate movements and expressions. Fast forward to four years ago, I delved into strength training, followed by animal flow, and over a year ago, I discovered the enthralling world of pole fitness and it was love at first spin . Since then, I’ve been dedicated to this beautiful art form, constantly pushing my limits and exploring new possibilities. 

Mridula Ganesan, Assistant Instructor

Hi! Myself Sarah. I got into movement in 2019. I did my dance fitness certification out of my interest and passion for dance and fitness. Then eventually got into strength and conditioning and aerial arts. One of the aerial art I do is pole and I got into pole in 2023 March, inspired by Anusha. Completed my beginner level and into intermediate level now. Pole was a package of everything I liked and did before. It’s a combination of strength, flexibility, dance and grace. Incorporating all those into one art form was so beautiful. Trusting and enjoying this beautiful journey since then.

Sara, Assistant Instructor